Kambo Inoculations Retreats in Hawaii

Work with Kambo, Rapé and Sananga, at Earthsong, a mystical healing sanctuary in South Point, HI.

Kambo, Rapé, Cleanse, Purify, Empower

  • Experience A Deep Body Cleanse
  • Strengthen Your Immune System
  • Destroy Pathogenic Microorganisms
  • Alleviate Pain and Inflammation
  • Clear Negative Energy
  • Heighten Vision
  • Gain Strength
  • Remove Toxins
  • Combat Fatigue
  • Clear "Dis-ease"
  • Increase Self-Empowerment
  • Re-connect to Flow
Kambo & Rapé Purification Retreats

“Kambô circulates in the heart. Our shaman said that when we take Kambô it makes the heart move accurately, so that things flow, bringing good things to the person. It is as if there was a cloud on the person, preventing the good things to come, then, when it takes the Kambô; it comes a ‘green light’ which opens its ways, making things easier” ~ from Kambo, Spirit of the Shaman

Kambo & Rapé Purification Retreats


Kambo is a secretion from one of the largest Hylid frogs known as the Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog. Its scientific name is Phyllomedusa Bicolor. The frog is nocturnal and arboreal and due to the fact that it has no natural predators is found in abundance across the Upper Amazon rainforest areas of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, French Guiana, Suriname and Venezuela. ~ International Association of Kambo Practitioners

Kambo is “one of the strongest natural antibiotics and anesthetic found in the world and one of the strongest, natural ways to empower our immune system.” ~ Kambô: Scientific Research and Healing Treatments by Giovanni Lattanzi

Kambo & Rapé Purification Retreats


Rapé (pronounced Ha-Pay) has been used by healers of the Amazon basin for thousands of years and has become an essential part of their tribal culture and history (Stanfill et al. 2015). Rapé is a complex blend of pulverized plants, which usually contain a strong tobacco, Nicotiana rustica and sometimes also Nicotiana tabacum, as one of the main ingredients. Given the potency of the tobacco, Nicotiana rustica, which is 20 times stronger than Nicotiana tabacum, rapé can elicit mind alerting effects (Stanfill et al. 2010).

Kambo & Rapé Purification Retreats

Furthermore, rapé helps release emotional, physical, and spiritual illnesses and eases negativity and confusion, enabling a thorough grounding of your mind. Likewise, shamans use rapé to re-align with their energy channels and with their higher self, and to intensify their connection with the world and the universe. In addition, rapé paves the way for detoxifying the body and cleans out all excess mucus, toxins, and bacteria, thereby, assisting in fighting colds and snuffles. Moreover, rapé stimulates the mind with its nicotinic content that in turn releases a.o. epinephrine, acetylcholine, and dopamine (Wolk et al. 2005, Cryer 1976), supporting an increased focus, presence, and intuition. ~ https://katukina.com/

During our purification and empowerment retreats, participants will have the opportunity to experience a deep cleanse with Kambo in a healing, nurturing environment.

Earthsong Sanctuary - Kambo & Rapé Purification Retreats

Earthsong Eco-Sanctuary is one of those places we like to speak about in hushed tones, lest it be discovered by the masses. It’s the place where those-in-the-know go to heal the spirit, be one with nature and be touched by the magic of Pele.

Located just moments away from the otherworldly green sand beach on the mystical and southernmost tip of the Big Island known as “Ka’Lae” (South Point). Earthsong is in a remote location on the rich and diverse slopes of Mauna Loa. This whimsical sanctuary was originally built with deep love and reverence for the “aina” by well-known artist, poet and healer, Rashani Rea. Now, in the loving hands of Michael and Jillian, holding a space for deep healing for all who choose to step in.

Kambo & Rapé Purification Retreats

Rooms are simple, yet very comfortable and cozy. Bathrooms are shared and showers are enclosed outdoors -- pure island life! We will be serving beautifully prepared, farm-to-table meals and lots of spare time to enjoy the simplicity of island life.

To learn more about kambo click here.

Self-Empowerment and Solutions:

Besides clean organic food, participating in healing practices, working with Kambo, Rapé and Sananga, and an epic Hawai'i style retreat, we will also be creating an empowering energy through the group dynamic of solution oriented individuals on a path of healing and truth. These retreats are being made available by invitation only and may or may not be the right fit for you. Please contact us to discuss whether this retreat may be a good fit for you.

Kambo is legal in the United States and most countries in the world. Kambo is totally safe when given by a properly trained practitioner however there are some conditions for which Kambo is contraindicated
Please click here to read a list of circumstances indicating a person should not take Kambo

“The amazonian tribes believe that we as living humans are constantly surrounded by a dense cloud that prevents us from seeing clearly. This cloud is called “panema” by the Katukina people. ‘Panema’ could be translated with an expression such as ‘negative energy’, bad luck’, depression’ or ‘laziness’. By receiving Kambo treatments on a regular basis we have the chance to get rid of this greyish cloud of negative energy, to live a healthy life and to fulfil our physical potentialities.” – Master Kambo Practitioner, Giovanni Lattanzi


Michael & Jillian ~ Earthsong Hawaii

Michael is a husband, father, natural farmer, Kambo practitioner, and co-creator of Earthsong Healing Sanctuary in Hawaii. In April 2012 Michael experienced his first Kambo inoculation, which cleared the way for a new chapter on his path. A few years later in Hawaii, Michael witnessed Kambo assist with so many profound healings and transformations, that he knew he wanted to learn as much as possible, and safely provide Kambo for others. A humble student of traditional Amazonian medicines since 2006, a student of internal martial arts, meditation, nutrition and holistic healing, and a permaculture, sustainability, and natural farming enthusiast, Michael brings a varied depth of background experience to hold clear compassionate ceremonial space for deep transformational processes and healing.

Jillian is the co-founder of The Earthsong Foundation in Hawaii. A traumatic car accident in 2002 led her on the path of deep inner practice, and the healing arts. She has spent time in the jungles of South America, Thailand, and India studying healing practices and natural medicines. Jillian is a certified Reiki Master and trainer, practitioner of Chi Nei Tsang (ancient Chinese Taoist abdominal Chi massage) and the Ayurvedic treatment of Shirodara. She is an advocate for natural medicines, and has devoted her life to integrating her healing practice with plant medicine work. Jillian is also a yoga teacher and guides a signature style of deeply nourishing integrative healing sessions at Earthsong Sanctuary.

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